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Semi / Car / Truck Towing And Mobile Service Trucks
Travel 150+ Miles
Stay calm and don't panic as it hinders your ability to think properly.                                                               Preventive maintenance prevents breaking down by safeguarding the cars equiptment before it stops working.
Know unusual sounds that your car is making out of routine.
Put the car in the safest place possible; don't do inspections or repairs in the middle of a busy highway.
Have a copy of the emergency phone numbers to call not only in your mobile phone but also in your car.
Get people out of the car by the left hand doors and behind the crash barrier if there is one, as far away from traffic as possible.
Common causes of breakdown include dead battery, flat tyre, alternator, starter motor, and fuel.
Under inflated tyres for the cars load are a prime cause of tyre failure.
Loss of voltage caused by short journeys is a frequent cause of flat batteries.
Every year hundreds of thousands of people put the wrong type of fuel into their cars or or simply run out.

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